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Star Local History Group  (a sub-committee of Star Village Social Committee) was established in 2018 by a small group of local history enthusiasts from our community who were keen to start mapping and documenting interesting facts from the past about our local area.  The group meets up in the Village Hall every couple of months or so to share local knowledge, family connections, documents, photographs, research findings and memorabilia over a cuppa and a biscuit.

Anyone with a connection to the village or its surrounds is welcome to attend our get-togethers to add to the rich history that is beginning to be collated.  Bring along any old photos of places, people or buildings, documents or news cuttings, old maps, or anything at all of a local historical nature.  One village resident whose family has lived in the village for more than a century even brought his great-grandfather's WWI uniform, papers and medals which was fascinating to see and hear about.

If you are bringing any documents or photos and are able to give us photocopies (with any relevant permissions and/or acknowledgements) that you can leave with us, that would be fantastic!

For more information and to be notified of meeting dates, please email Kirstie at

Meeting dates

Date of Next Meeting

Star Local History Group will meet at the Village Hall on Saturday 13 July from 11am to 1pm to discuss potential interpretation boards for the village and ideas for a planter that best depicts the history of the village that the Flower Committee will install as part of the Beautiful Fife programme.


14 September at Star Village Hall for a talk on the local Flax industry history.

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